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What is Floralite?
Floralite is a nutritional supplement formulated to support weight loss and improve gut health and metabolism. The weight loss supplement strengthens the immune system by maintaining a healthy gut and balancing the gut’s microbiota environment. The supplement combines a blend of natural nutrients like vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

Combined, the ingredients promote a healthy gut environment to improve all other essential functions. It enhances good gut bacteria, improves metabolism and sugar/fat burning, and yields energy to power your body up all day long. It also keeps you satiated for longer, eliminating hunger cravings to boost weight loss.

Why Choose Floralite

100% All Natural Floralite

100% All Natural

All ingredients are pure, natural, and carefully sourced.
Floralite FDA Approved Facility

FDA Approved Facility

Floralite is manufactured according to the latest standards.
Floralite Made In The USA

Made In The USA

Floralite is manufactured on US soil.
How does Floralite work?
Floralite targets the underlying cause of obesity and supports healthy weight loss. As a matter of fact, the latest scientific research has identified the poor performance of gut flora as the biggest cause of obesity. More precisely, the body becomes unable to break down fats when the gut starts sheltering more bad bacteria than good ones. In simple words, the body’s ability to gain or lose weight depends on the right functioning of its gut flora.

According to its creators, Floralite dietary supplement is designed to safely treat this major cause of gaining more weight or inability to burn some calories that seems to become stubborn body fat.

 Increasing the probiotic and prebiotic in the gut flora

Since the root cause of overweight is the inefficient performance of gut flora, the supplement starts its course of the itinerary by providing support to the gut flora. And it does by increasing the probiotics and prebiotics in the gut that keeps the good bacteria alive and active. Once those good bacteria are in place, the digestion will begin to become better and the gut resumes its ability to burn extra fat. Apart from that it also ensures minimal bacterial and viral attacks from the food.

 Providing enough antioxidants to destroy bad microbes

Next, the antioxidants present in the supplement come to provide aid to the gut flora. Simply, Foltalite provides enough support to destroy bad bacteria and helps gut flora to rebalance itself. In addition to providing antioxidative, Floralite also gives hormone-helping components for the body to recover faster than usual. Also, these help to combat the stress or over secretion of cortisol hormone levels. That’s how the Floralite supplement makes grounding to start losing weight naturally without any heavy sort of physical exertion or restricted diet plan.

 Transforming gut into a fat crushing machine

Once the Floralite makes grounding to get rid of extra fat, the actual or good things start to happen. Such as the super ingredients added in the supplement start nourishing the gut flora and gut microbes. This nourishment transforms the gut into a fat-crushing machine. With that transformation, the body actually starts the process of melting off the stubborn body fat.

 Boosting the body metabolism and immune system

The supplement does not only improve the performance of the gut, rather, it has essential nutrients that work in synergy to boost the body metabolism and immune system. The antioxidants present in its ingredient list build a shield against other infectious matters as well.

Floralite Supplement Is Proven By Thousands

Floralite Customer Review
5-Star Rating
Verified Purchase
It’s been a total eye-opener, a complete life transformation. I’m down 35lbs and it keeps going. It’s kind of crazy but I even got a raise at work. I put it down to this. I have more energy and less brain fog. I look better and that’s important when it comes to what people think of you.
Carlos, 47
Floralite Customer Review
5-Star Rating
Verified Purchase
“I felt like such a failure and a burden to my family, but now they absolutely love my transformation.

It’s amazing! I can eat anything I want, burgers, cheesecake, apple pie, guilt free and worry free and I’m down 58 pounds already!

My kids couldn’t be more proud of their mom and when my husband looks at me, I can see that sparkle in his eyes that he had when we got married.“
Floralite Customer Review
5-Star Rating
Verified Purchase
“A few weeks later, and I've lost 23 pounds.
Oh that feeling when you weigh yourself each day and the numbers keep going down…

I used to feel so tired and achy all the time… instead now I’m full of energy.
My joints feel healthier than ever. I feel amazing.

It’s like a big rock lifted off my chest and shoulders… I’m finally free and much lighter.

Thank you so much!”
Lisa Dabbs

Benefits of Floralite

This Floralite is a great weight loss product that offers many other health advantages. These are some of them: 

  • Better Sleep Quality
The reduction in digestive stress and systemic inflammation lowers cortisol production. With a drop of this stress hormone, you’ll feel calmer and more relaxed. As a result, you’ll find you fall asleep faster, and you won’t wake up at night, getting more therapeutic benefits from your sleep.
  • Improved Fat Loss
Better digestive processes optimize digestive health, reducing inflammation while increasing your metabolic rate. As metabolic rate increases, you start experiencing a faster fat loss affect. This cascading effect improves the longer you stay on a healthy diet and keep using your FloraLite daily.
  • Better Digestion and Gut Health
FloraLite dramatically increases your digestive health. The beneficial enzymes and probiotics in the formula support biome health, helping you transition to a new, healthy diet without the hassle of cravings. You’ll feel lighter, and your tummy feels good, and if you have disorders like leaky gut or IBS, FloraLite helps to control these conditions.
  • Enhanced Cognitive Processing
The reduction in systemic inflammation also assists the neurological system. Clearing the inflammation in neural pathways leads to better decision-making and thinking skills, with higher focus and concentration levels.
  • Improved Nutrient Absorption
The reduction in systemic and digestive inflammation, coupled with the supportive effect on the biome, is what makes this supplement special.
With your digestive system and biomes operating at optimal efficiency, you get more absorption of vitamins and minerals from your diet and the better assimilation of carbs, fats, and proteins. Adding FloraLite to your daily supplement regimen will revolutionize your health and nutrition.
  • More Energy During the Day
The reduction in inflammation provides the body with more energy throughout the day. You’ll feel vital and ready to take on the world.


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Floralite Limited Stock Warning
WARNING July-2022: Stock levels of Floralite are limited Accept your reserved bottle above NOW before your discount expires.
WARNING July-2022: Stock levels of Floralite are limited Accept your reserved Bottle above NOW before your discount expires.
Ingredients Used in Floralite 

In total, Floralite consists of 56 different ingredients, making it the best nutritional weight loss formula available online. Each serving contains about 2.5 billion CFUs (colony forming units) of probiotic bacteria, which reside inside the digestive tract and maintain a healthy environment in the body.

Floralite also contains 400mg of prebiotics. These act as fertilizers for the probiotic bacteria and stimulate their growth. Below is the list of all the ingredients included in the Floralite mixture.


 Inulin is the most popular type of probiotic fiber in use today. Healthy bacteria present in the gut feeds on inulin. It helps in regulating blood sugar levels and healthy weight as per your body type and its requirements.

 Bifidobacterium Longum & Lactobacillus Helveticus:

 The Bifidobacterium Longum & Lactobacillus Helveticus are among the seven primary microorganisms used in probiotic products. They increase the number of good bacteria within the gut by forming colonies. Both these strains boost metabolism, stimulate fat breakdown, and decrease inflammation.

 Extracts From Plants & Herbs:

 Floralite also contains several plants and herb extracts such as Turmeric root, Alfalfa leaf, Korean Ginseng, and Stevia extract. These ingredients help nourish your body, providing you the necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and micronutrients. These elements keep you energized for the whole day and enhance your health.

 Glucoamylase & Lipase:

 Glucoamylase and Lipase are the digestive enzymes present in Floralite that assists in breaking down several food components. They support digestion by breaking down carbs and stimulate bacterial growth.
In fact, the makers claim that the presence of glucoamylase allows carbohydrates to be processed without affecting your weight in any way. Other weight loss supplements usually lack this benefit.

On the other hand, Lipase boosts the absorption of fat molecules by breaking them down into smaller glycerol and fatty acid molecules. More surface area increases enzyme activity and, therefore, the digestion process and body metabolism.

 Alfalfa Leaf:

 Alfalfa leaf is a nutritional powerhouse. It has many incredible benefits, one of which is weight loss. Alfalfa leaf also aids in increasing the production of insulin and regulates blood sugar levels. In women, Alfalfa promotes lactation. It also reduces high cholesterol levels. All these properties work towards improving your metabolic health.

 Turmeric Root:

 Inflammation is one of the factors leading to weight gain and obesity. Turmeric root has specific anti-inflammatory properties that aid in weight loss. Furthermore, it also stimulates the secretion of gastric juice in the stomach and also increases insulin sensitivity. All these components make it a valuable ingredient in the Floralite formula.

 Korean Ginseng:

 It is one of the natural herbs in use since ancient times featuring many beneficial properties. People have been using Korean Ginseng in various ways, like making its tea, but the Floralite producers have made our lives easy by including this ingredient in their weight loss solution. This herb is capable of dealing with body fat more efficiently and aids in losing weight.

 Stevia Extract:

 Stevia extract is a natural calorie-free sweetener that contains no sugar. Adding this extract to the Floralite formula provides you with a little energy and sweetness without compromising your health and weight loss efforts.


 Spirulina is known for enhancing your metabolism, which helps your body burn fat faster. It also optimizes cell regeneration and improves body mass index.

 Camu Fruit:

 Camu fruit is an antioxidant with many benefits. It improves your metabolism, which increases the rate at which fat burns or breaks down and prevents its accumulation. It also increases energy yield and insulin sensitivity while decreasing metabolic inflammation and endotoxins present in the blood.

 Eleuthero & Ashwagandha:

 The perfect combination of Eleuthero and Ashwagandha in Floralite promotes better functioning of several body organs, including the brain, lungs, and heart. The level of cortisol significantly reduces, which in turn decreases stress levels. Numerous other hormone levels are regulated, improving the overall well-being of Floralite users.

 Coconut Juice Powder:

 Coconut juice powder has several weight loss benefits. It eases your digestion and enhances your metabolism, which eventually improves your athletic performance.
Floralite 60-Day Money Back
Floralite 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


Your order today is protected by my 100% risk free money back guarantee.
If you're not fully satisfied with Floralite, if you don't see the results you've been looking for or simply want your money back for no reason at all, send me an email or call our toll free number and I'll refund EVERY SINGLE PENNY of your investment within 48 hours.
No questions asked, no hassle, no red tap
Floralite 100% Guarantee
Floralite 100% Guarantee
Floralite Frequently Asked Questions
Why are gut microbes so important for losing weight?
Probiotics are living strains of bacteria that add to the population of good bacteria in your gut which have been clinically proven to improve your digestion and help burn fat quickly.

But there is ONE essential condition to that.

In order to be effective, probiotics need to be ALIVE and ACTIVE.

And that’s a tricky part, because most probiotics are found in a dormant state from the beginning and the ones that are not can be easily switched off by the strong acids in your stomach.

Just taking random probiotics and thinking they’ll nourish your digestive system it’s like sending an unarmed and starving army to win a war.

It’s basically impossible!

So in order to keep your probiotics strong and active, ready to fight the bad microbes and melt away that fat, you need to feed them with prebiotics.

Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that act as food for the probiotics, also stimulating growth among the preexisting good bacteria.

In other words, prebiotics are fuel for all those trillions of bacteria in your gut.

Recent studies have shown that without prebiotics, only 5% of the probiotics you ingest make it through.

Now just imagine if they’d work 100%!

Because that’s the result you get when you mix them together and that’s the result you get with Floralite.

So go ahead and select your package now.
How does the guarantee work?
From the moment you order, Floralite is fully guaranteed for a full 60 days or you get every cent back.

That means if you change your mind, decide it’s not for you or if you aren’t anything but completely satisfied by the results you see, even if you’ve used up your order, just contact us through this website and we’ll be glad to refund every cent.
Does Floralite have side effects?
Floralite is made of healthy and naturally occurring nutrients with no known side effects.

It’s produced in a lab certified by the FDA, tested for quality and purity and above all safety.

You can relax as you mix up a Floralite each morning, safe in the knowledge the nutrients can only be beneficial for your body and brain.
How many bottles should I buy?
To enjoy the peak benefits of Floralite, it’s best to continue taking it for 3, 6 or even 12 months.
Most people we personally know are happy to take Floralite every month because quite simply, they feel so full of energy and vitality and are delighted with what they see in the mirror.

With the world's supply chains under pressure and in turmoil, it's important to stock up as much as possible on Floralite to ensure that you're covered for as long as possible. Especially because running out of stock is something that could happen at any moment.

We're here to help. That's why we're making sure you enjoy huge discounts when you buy bulk, so you can save yourself hundreds of dollars.
Is Floralite available anywhere else?
Floralite is only available right here on this website. It’s not available on Amazon, Ebay or anywhere else at all.

Some vendors have tried to produce cheap imitations of Floralite. However, the only place to get the authentic version is right here, when you click on your best option below.
How long will Floralite be in stock for?
Floralite contains rare and exotic ingredients that are hard to find. We trust our suppliers but we face a constant battle to keep this potent breakfast shake available.

We cannot guarantee stock beyond the next few days. And while we do everything we can to keep prices down at these super affordable levels, it is becoming increasingly hard for us.

This is why it’s best to get started with Floralite now by clicking on your best option below.
If it’s still in stock and available, you’ll be able to fill in your details.
How can I buy Floralite Supplement?
Floralite is available through Buyfloralite.us. For a limited time, they offer three discounted packages: Basic bottle - $69 Per Bottle.

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All content and information found on this page are for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The FDA hasn't evaluated the statements provided on this page. Make sure you consult with a licensed doctor before taking any supplement or making any changes to your diet or exercise plan. Individual results may vary.

The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or endorsements of our website. If you click a merchant link and buy a product or service on their website, we may be paid a fee by the merchant.
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